CEP 812: Module 5 Lab-Prototyping

Protyping is the fourth mode of design thinking consisting of making ideas concrete. During this week’s lab, I created a prototype using household items to represent the big idea of our connected world. When putting my ideas into physical form, I considered the materials made available to me, ways to represent the ideas in a clear and concise way, and how others would interpret my prototype. In the photo below, I illustrate how technology impacts the way in which people are connected and included social media icons because these sites have also influenced how we communicate. My prototype was made with the lid of an old Birchbox covered with conversation bubbles, index cards, markers, tape, and scissors. Creating the prototype with these materials required creativity to reinvent how to use everyday items for a new purpose. After creating my product, I immediately thinking about ways to enhance my product for clarity. Check out my prototype below.


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